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It all began

My roots and passion for all things bees and honey is a deep one. My memories as a child will never fade. I would frequently  beg my father to "call in sick" to school so I could spend the day at his warehouse while he extracted honey or built bee boxes. *Note, this never went down well with my mother who was a school teacher. 
My father spent his entire childhood raising bees and started his own business as a young adult. He used to drop me off at school in a flat-bed semi used for hauling beehives. Let me tell you-that was not embarrassing at all. His work ethic
With our ever changing landscape it is  important for to support local agriculture and sustainable farming practices. I have seen how the foreign honey market has negatively impacted our domestic market. It is my mission to support small family apiaries and local producers to provide you with the finest honey available. We have a deepened understanding of their practices working alongside them for 
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