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Growing up in a beekeeping family in Southern California, I have the sweetest childhood memories of my father's honey business. He taught me invaluable lessons that I cherish to this day! I have spent 12 years working with our small family business. During this time, I have realized how few people have had the opportunity to experience the difference of honey, fresh from the hive. I've had the opportunity to learn the business and explore the world of beekeeping and acquired a love for honey. I have had the pleasure of selling at local farmers markets, supplied our honey to local chefs and breweries and also brought home two Good Food Awards.  


With that idea in mind, I was inspired to create California Honey Company. 

Our mission is to introduce you the finest seasonal honey varieties California has to offer; sharing all the beauty that comes from our diverse landscape! Much like wine, different climates and floral sources impact the profile of a certain varietal of honey. This means each blossom is unique in flavor, aroma, color and even texture. A huge advantage of knowing the beekeepers is understanding that the honey has not been tampered or stripped of its purities. It eliminates the questioning of sourcing and ensures quality. There are so many benefits of consuming local, raw honey that we wouldn't have it any other way. 

California Honey Co.JPG

A photo of my father Alan, working his bees in Temecula, CA

With so many options available in today's world to shop for honey, I thank you for taking the time to read about what California Honey Co. has to offer you! It truly is an experience to taste the what our state has to offer. I hope you enjoy!


With Gratitude,


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