Growing up in a beekeeping family, I spent my childhood riding along bee moves and harvesting honey in the summers. I have the sweetest childhood memories of my father's honey business. He taught me invaluable lessons that I cherish to this day!

Working with our family business allowed me the opportunity to introduce our products directly to the consumer. I had the pleasure of working local farmers markets, supplying our honey to local chefs and breweries and bringing home two Good Food Awards. Within this time, I realized how few people have had the opportunity to experience the quality of honey fresh from the hive. With that idea in mind, I was inspired to create California Honey Company. Our mission is to introduce you the finest seasonal honey varieties California has to offer, sharing all the beauty that comes from our diverse landscape, one drop at a time.

In addition to sourcing honey from my father's apiary, we work exclusively with other trusted small family-owned apiaries. These personal relationships are meaningful to us,  we strive to support everyone in our network who is able to believe in our mission.
I hope you enjoy our small-batch honey, unique to local beekeepers, seasonal wildflowers and orchards. Experience a taste of California like never before! 


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