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Taste:  Sage Blossom Honey, also known as "Black Button Sage" is exceptionally mild and delicate, with a light buttery finish. It is the mildest tasting honey produced in California. This honey tastes like sunshine in a jar! Contrary to it’s floral source, it does not have a “sagey” flavor.



Pair with: Tea, matcha, cheese, yogurt, salad dressings, fruit.


Shelf life: Indefinite. HONEY NEVER SPOILS!


PriceFrom $4.25
  • Black Button Sage, is by far one of California's most treasured honey varieties. This rare, native plant typically blooms once every 4-5 years when there is just the right amount of spring rainfall. In addition to rain, the climate has to be just right. 

    It grows wild in the coastal zones & chaparrals throughout Southern California.  Black Button Sage  is very slow to crystallize, if ever. Savor this one! 


    • 12 oz. /340 g
    • Glass Jar